Our store is only e-shop, however there is a showroom at 36 Smyrnis Street in Corinth, where you could visit us and have the option to see our products, always by appointment.

In our online store you will find a variety of designs on clothes are made of 100% organic cotton or 100% cotton. The same applies to linen, functional clothes and our soft toys, bearing the corresponding certifications. We provide a variety of wooden toys certified, recyclable and ethically made. We appeal to all children and seek to meet every need of your daily life.Our differentiation lies not only in our affordable prices or the high quality of the products we choose. Jepenn was created to meet every need of your family. Variety of products, unique designs, quality fabrics, pure products, toys that contribute to the overall development of your children.

Browse our store to discover the magic you hide behind every toy!

Providing the category of functional clothes, we address children 2-10 years old with Autism, Down syndrome, Sensory Processing Dysfunction or who have difficulties with the seams of the clothes.

We know how difficult it is for you to offer your child comfortable clothes with soft fabrics at affordable prices. But we are here to improve and facilitate your daily life.