Welcome to the world of Jepenn, a world for every child !

Jepenn was created with the goal of fulfilling the needs of every family.

Those needs differ from home to home, that’s why we provide you a variety of products in affordable prices and unique designs with their common elements being the color schemes and their high quality!

At our stores you won’t just be buying a product. Here we will help you better your daily routine, providing you with quality practical pieces. From your baby’s first bodysuit, the first plate from which they will eat, the first toy they will be able to choose themselves! We will be there with you from birth until their school years. Functional clothes and toys for infants, toddlers and children are a few of the categories of our products! 

Additionally, make sure to follow our blog, as through this we will make note of both the value and utility of our products and educational and parental issues for which we often seek solutions for. 

The idea of Jepenn has always been hidden in our hearts! But behind its creation are hidden three basic elements, our experience of many years in the wholesale and retail field, our training in the scientific field of preschool education and, last but not least, the people who stand behind us with their support and their work.

Maria, Christina, Constance, Eugenia, Helen, Irene, Eleanna, John, Nick, George, Thoomas… maybe even you, are some of the people we’ve met so far who contributed in your own way in coming closer to this dream!

We thank you for this and we invite you to travel with us in the magical world of Jepenn.

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